About Us

12190Mount Zion is an evangelical Church proclaiming salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  In addition we are distinctively Reformed and Presbyterian by biblical conviction.

To be Reformed means that we trace our lineage from the Protestant Reformation and the work that God did in bringing his Church back to the Scriptures as the only rule of faith (doctrine) and practice (how we are to live and worship).  There were many confessions of faith that came out of the Reformation, but we believe the Westminster Confession of Faith to be a faithful summary of teaching.

The Confession expresses our conviction:

-Of the Sovereignty of God in Salvation and indeed all things.

-That Scripture is one story of Redemption by grace through faith in Jesus Christ that unfolds through various covenants.  There is a unity to God’s plan, purpose, and people through both Old and New Testaments.

-That Children continue to be included in the covenant promises and therefore should receive the sign of the covenant which is baptism.  (Gen. 17, Acts 2:39, Acts 16:13-15 et. all)

-That we are to worship the Lord only in the way that he himself has proscribed in his Word.  The ordinary parts of worship are:

-The reading, preaching, and hearing of the Word

-The singing of psalms, hymn, and spiritual songs to the Lord

-Prayer with thanksgiving for all things lawful

-The Administration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper

To be Presbyterian means that we believe that Christ is the head of his Church and has given her officers to lead and minister to her under him as servants for her good.  At the local level that means that Mount Zion is elder led(1 Timothy 3, Titus1).  More broadly this means that our elders participate in leading the greater Church body and remain accountable to her through Presbyteries and Synods (Acts 15).

We hope that you will join us,

In Christ,

Pastor Andrew Savill