The Book of Acts

Book of Acts – Pastor Andrew Savill (Evening Service)

Chapter One

The Continuing Ministry of Jesus the Christ (Acts 1:1-5)

Witnesses of the King and the Kingdom (Acts 1:6-11)

The Lord’s Sovereignty over His servants and His church (Acts 1:12-26)


Chapter Two

The King Sends the Spirit and the Last Days Dawn (Acts 2:1-13)

Signs of Last Day Blessings and Judgment through Christ (Acts 2:14-36)

Because He is both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:14-36)

A Biblical Response to the Gospel (Acts 2:37-47)

Devoted to His Church (Acts 2:42-47)


Chapter Three

In the Name of Jesus (Acts 3)

Faithful in Jesus (Acts 3:11-26)

Chapter Four

Put on Trial (Acts 4:1-22)

Embracing the Battle and the Will of the Lord (Acts 4:23-32)

Witnessing to Christ through Love & Service to the Church (Acts 4:32-5:4)

Witness of the Church Threatened (Acts 4:32-5:11)


Chapter Five


Biblical Witness, Growth & Revival (Acts 5:12-16)

Since God is For Us (Acts 5:17-26)

Faithful and Rejoicing in Suffering (Acts 5:27-42)


Chapter Six

Deacons: Why & When? (Acts 6:1-7)

Biblical Witnesses (Acts 6:8-15)

Chapter Seven

The True Israelite is a Christian (Acts 7:1-53)

Merciful While Martyred (Acts 7:54-60)


Chapter Eight


Persecution and Its Effects (Acts 8:1-4)

New Frontiers (Acts 8:5-25)

The Victory of the King and the Purity of the Kingdom (Acts 8:5-25)

Coming Soon:  More Outcasts Welcomed and Included (Acts 8:26-40)


 Chapter Nine

Conquered and Commissioned I (Acts 9:1-19)

Conquered and Commissioned II (Acts 9:1-22)

 Accepting the Call to Witness and Persecution (Acts 9:15-16, 19b-31)

Peter, Apostle of the Lord (Acts 9:32-43)

Chapter Ten

Prepared for the Spread of the Gospel (Acts 10:1-8)

Making the Unclean Clean (Acts 10:9-29)

Lord of ALL, Savior of ALL (Acts 10:30-43)

Fully Included (Acts 10:44-48)

Chapter Eleven

No Discrimination in The Church (Acts 11:1-18)

Unified In Stepping Out With the Gospel (Acts 11:19-26)

Unity Applied (Acts 11:27-30)

Chapter Twelve

Trusting Our Almighty and Sometimes Confusing God (Acts 12:1-17)

 Judgment on the Proud (Acts 12:18-24)

Chapter Thirteen

Mission Minded Presbyterians (Acts 13:1-3)

Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism (Acts 13:4-12)

Great is His Graciousness and Faithfulness (Acts 13:13-26)

Rejoicing No Matter How They Respond (Acts 13:44-52)

Chapter Fourteen

Bold, Resolute.  And United?  (Acts 14:1-7)

Making Known His Power and Grace (Acts 14:8-18)

Manifesting the Power of Christ in Perseverance (Acts 14:19-22)

The Church as an Ordinance of Christ; Visible, Organized, Officer Led (Acts 14:23)